Friday, 6 June 2014

I Spy Comfort Quilt

Good Morning All

It is very late as I'm writing this. Thought I should get it out before heading to bed to see if you will have any insight or suggestions.

My little girl has a little friend (4 yrs old) that was just diagnosed with Stomach Cancer. It has been a sad week for us. I haven't told DD of the extent of her little friend being sick in the hospital. I keep putting myself in his Mom's shoes and almost get panic attacks. And then I think, I'm not even her - How is she doing it???? So I've been praying and thinking positive thoughts for the family. I would appreciate if you would also keep them in your thoughts and prayers even though you don't know them.

I knew I wanted to make the little guy a comfort quilt but wasn't sure what to make, posted it on Twitter and almost as soon as I pressed Tweet, I thought of I Spy quilts. I put a request out to my friends IRL and on-line for I Spy squares. I think I was given more than 40 fabrics!! It is great how giving and caring quilters are.

My daughter and I looked though the internet for samples of I Spy quilts and found so many wonderful patterns. I really liked one but realized I don't have the time to make such a complicated one. And a friend suggested do basic with sashing and she is a very smart friend. So I've decided on what type of quilt and the style of quilt, now I need to decide on the colours of the sashing and cornerstones. The little guys favourite colours are red and rainbow.
One thought is grey sashing with red cornerstones (didn't want black as thought too harsh)
I like the look of white sashing but nervous of it showing dirt??
Then my next thought is having each row a different colour following the rainbow colours.

Here are most of my blocks, please tell me what you would do.

Have a good night everyone, great tomorrow and if you have kids, give them an extra squeeze.

Have a Crafty Day
Vicky K

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