Tuesday, 31 July 2012

This is so me....

After I linked up to  Quilt Story Fabric Tuesday, I decided I should do my duty, even though its after midnight and my kiddies wake up at 7:00, and check out some of the other link ups. Through  Shelley at Poplun Designs I found a great post here at ps i quilt  that explains my thought process for blogging. :)  I usually have to talk myself into blogging and that someone out there cares about what I write or show pictures of.  Then I usually end up telling myself that the blog is for me and I shouldn't care if someone reads it, just get a little bit of me out there.  LOL this little pep talk usually lasts at least a half an hour.  Do you experience the same when you write your blogs?4

Have a great night, not necessarily a crafty one :)

ps i love checking out other blogs, I just need to stop doing that after midnight  haha
rambling, need sleep

Fabric Tuesday Link Up

Good Evening All

My day has been pretty successful today.  I was able to iron all the little pieces for a challenge quilt.  And I sorted/arranged one set of the colors and have it ready to sew together.  After craft wars, I'm going to be heading to my room to sew.  Do you watch Craft Wars?

Here are some pictures of my piles.

This pile needs to be sorted still

Here is the one pile I have sorted, now to try and figure out how it goes together.
I do not care for the pattern.  The pattern is from Moda.

And here are the other two piles for the quilt.
Sorry you can't really see the one on the right.

 I'm linking up to Quilt Story: Fabric Tuesday

Since its the last day in July - I hope your July was wonderful and creative!
Vicky K

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Gifts for Teachers and Bus Driver

Good Morning All

This is just a quick post to show the other gifts I made for the rest of the teachers and the bus driver.  My little guy had 3 teachers so I wanted to make something simple but worthy.  I got the pattern from my LQS.  Its a simple pattern and quick to make up.  I wasn't sure about how the twill tape would sew up.  It sewed up nicely.

Oh yea, and the bags are reversible.  Now I just need to make a few for myself.

Hope you have a Creative Day!
Vicky K

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

IPad Teacher's Gift

Good Morning All

Today is the day we are heading to the lake.  I'm hoping that the weather is great for us and that we will survive close quarters.  There will be myself and my little people and then a friend and her little men.  Her boys are just a little older than my little guy.  I'm nervous about the sleeping part.  Her guys are up late and sleep in late.  My people are up early and to bed early.  And I think its like a difference of 3 hours.  (grimace here).  Ahhh its only for 2 days right!  LOL

I'm kind of late posting this but I'm finally able to post this awesome IPad holder I made for one of my little guy's teachers.  All the teachers loved it and said that I should make and sell these.  This was my prototype and am hoping I can make another one soon so that I can remember how I made it.

I used two ideas found in blog land.  BettyCrockerAss and A Sewing Bloggery.  Of course, I didn't read all the way through the tutorial on A Sewing Bloggery and tried to make my own adjustments to enlarge it from a pod to a pad.  I used 7.5" triangles and a 7.5" square.  The square ended up a little too big and I think 7" square would work. 

It was pretty simple to make.  It does take a lot of rice to fill it nice and stiff.   I used black and white scraps.  I just love Black and White.

Hope you have a Creative Day!
Vicky K

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tooth Fairy Pillow for Little Guy

Good Morning All!
I'm hoping my day will be productive with cleaning the house and some quilting time.  I would like to prepare some hand quilting things for our camping trip.  And I have to finish a quilt for a special friend that is a month late.  :(

My little guy lost his first tooth in May.  When we found out his tooth was loose, I started working on a Tooth Fairy Pillow for him.  I remember my childhood Pillow and wish I still had it.  So when designing his Pillow, I wanted something he could keep and not be too embarrassed about.

I used scraps from his surprise (shhh) quilt that is in my UFO pile.  LOL

I made a little pocket in the dump truck for his tiny teeth.
I can't believe how tiny it was.

And there is another pocket for the Tooth Fairy's gift :)

So what do you guys think - Will he be too embarrassed to keep it as a keepsake?

Hope you have a Creative Day!
Vicky K

Monday, 23 July 2012

Delivery of Give-Away Finally

Good Evening All
What an interesting evening!  My friend, myself and our four kids were to go camping today but we decided to wait until Wednesday because of the weather.  What a good decision!  There ended up being tornado warnings for the area that we were going to.  And we were going to be staying in a canvas tent.  That would not have been fun, especially with 4 young-ens.  Here's hoping that Wednesday will be nicer.

I was finally able to deliver the giveaway last week.  I ended up forgetting to bring the package when I took my kids to my in-laws.  But I did remember to take it when we picked up the kids.

And Susan was so great!  She gave me gifts!  What a surprise.  I was excited to meet a fellow blogger and then I get goodies too!  What a wonderful community!

Have a great Quilty Evening!
Vicky K