Tuesday, 31 July 2012

This is so me....

After I linked up to  Quilt Story Fabric Tuesday, I decided I should do my duty, even though its after midnight and my kiddies wake up at 7:00, and check out some of the other link ups. Through  Shelley at Poplun Designs I found a great post here at ps i quilt  that explains my thought process for blogging. :)  I usually have to talk myself into blogging and that someone out there cares about what I write or show pictures of.  Then I usually end up telling myself that the blog is for me and I shouldn't care if someone reads it, just get a little bit of me out there.  LOL this little pep talk usually lasts at least a half an hour.  Do you experience the same when you write your blogs?4

Have a great night, not necessarily a crafty one :)

ps i love checking out other blogs, I just need to stop doing that after midnight  haha
rambling, need sleep


  1. I think we all think that from time to time. Just remember for every comment you get probably 10-20 or sometimes many more people read your blog and just don't comment. Keep going! :)

  2. There are those who are interested and those who are not. For me, I decided a long time ago that if I intended to write for other and earn money from it, I would charge for advertising on my blog and write patterns and market them. That was not what i wanted. I don't particularly like to work and my motto has been "I'd rather be poor than work" and I am, but quite happy. I will send you a link via email for a stat counter that will tell you how many visits you do get.