Friday, 24 August 2012

Hexies - Week 1

 Good morning All
Hope today goes as well as yesterday with potty training.  After the gym, I'm gonna be cleaning like mad.  I'm having a bunch of ladies over for a craft night and movie watching.  Hope we can watch "The Spitfire Grill".  I love this movie and the girls hadn't heard of it.  Have you?

On my way back from taking the kids to my inlaws, I stopped at this wonderful shop in Kamloops, BC.  Katjas Quilt Shoppe     There was another customer talking with the owner about English Paper Piecing.  So of course, I had to listen and join in the conversation.  LOL  The owner has designed and set up a Block of the Week for EPP Hexies.  She will mail the blocks anywhere.  I joined!  

I also stopped at another quilting store in Chiliwack, BC called  Hamels Fabric & Quilting on my way home.  I spent a lot of money in this store.  I was really drawn to a Fat Quarter Stack but had no idea what to do make with it.

I was pulling fabrics to start the hexies and then I remembered the FQ stack I purchased.  I think it will make a great quilt.

My quilt guild was on Monday night and I was able to prepare the fabrics for Week 1 of the hexies.  During the meeting, I basted all the shapes and put 2.5 of the middle hexies together.   On Wednesday night while watching Big Brother, I finished the hexie.

I had a little opps first LOL 
I sewed the wrong side together.

Here its done correctly :)

 And here is the finished block for Week 1
I fussy cut the fabrics so the
monkeys were beside the numbers.

I'm quite excited for this quilt.  I know it will take me a while but perfect for watching TV, my guild meetings and the Craft nights.

Have a Creative Day.
Vicky  K

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Card Time

Good Evening Ladies
I'm watching a wicked storm - Thunder, Lightening, Hail, Rain, Wind.  It been like this a lot this summer.
Little girl is doing amazing with potty training.  Yesterday, something clicked with her.  She decided to use the big potty and ever since then, no accidents.  Knock on wood!
Tomorrow I'll be heading to the gym and taking the kids to Kids Club.  Hope she is successful there too.

The other week, I worked on some cards.  I got most of my inspiration from SplitcoastStampers.  I love this website for ideas and challenges.  Do you use it?

I actually made two of this card as we have
two little guy's birthdays very close together
and they don't know each other :)
The black wheels are also brads.

I really like this card - so simple.
I put stickles on the leaves.

The next time I make this card,
I'm going to stamp off the 
woodgrain background first.

This is my favourite!
The background is woodgrain texture plate
and I sponged it to give more depth.

The last couple of Thanksgiving's, I've made cards for my investor's office.  They give out Thanksgiving Cards instead of Christmas Cards.  The first year, I had an order of 300 cards, last year was 450 and I'm sure I will get about a 500 card order.  I don't charge much more than cost - I know CRAZY.   But I really like doing them.  And when I'm about finished, I'm glad its only once a year haha.

I'll be working on cards for the next few weeks and am not sure how much quilting I'm going to get done.

Have a Creative Evening!
Vicky K

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Design Wall Up!

Good Morning All

Today is going to be a day of potty training.  Little girl will be naked and I'll be pumping her with lots of  juice and salty snacks.  Hope today will be more successful.
I'm not going to be able play with my new toy in my Quilting Room as much as I want till little girl is trained.

I purchased insulation panels for a design wall behind the door to my room.  Again I purchased it many many moons ago.  I finally got around to putting it up.  And Hubby helped { }.  I wrapped the panels with batting and we screwed it to the wall.  Just in time too, as I will need it for the quilt top I'm working on right now.

My room is coming together.  The next thing I want to put up is a bulletin board/white board.  I want to use it as a project planner.

Have a Creative Day!
Vicky K

Monday, 13 August 2012

Dropped Machine

Good Evening All

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  I'm using the nice weather to try potty training my little girl.  She is over 3 and will be starting school in September.  She didn't really show signs of training, so I put it off.  I think I put it off too long.  She asks for a diaper when she needs to go.  I'm really hoping that it won't take too long.  Its been 4 days already.  Please wish me luck!

I purchased 2 tables from IKEA about 6 months ago after reading and seeing others with my machine dropping their machines.  I finally convinced my hubby to cut out the space for my machine in one of the tables.  The other one is butted up sideways to make an L for extra space when FMQ.  I'm so excited to try FMQ but still a little away from that part of a quilt.

Here is my hubby getting ready to cut into my table :)

Here is the bottom of the finished table with hubby
holding the cut out piece.  He got camera shy
and wouldn't be part of the picture.

This is the front view of my machine dropped.

 Another view of my machine.

Love it!  I haven't been able to get a lot of sewing done on my new set up, but so far so good!

Hope you have a wonderful night.
Vicky K