Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Design Wall Up!

Good Morning All

Today is going to be a day of potty training.  Little girl will be naked and I'll be pumping her with lots of  juice and salty snacks.  Hope today will be more successful.
I'm not going to be able play with my new toy in my Quilting Room as much as I want till little girl is trained.

I purchased insulation panels for a design wall behind the door to my room.  Again I purchased it many many moons ago.  I finally got around to putting it up.  And Hubby helped { }.  I wrapped the panels with batting and we screwed it to the wall.  Just in time too, as I will need it for the quilt top I'm working on right now.

My room is coming together.  The next thing I want to put up is a bulletin board/white board.  I want to use it as a project planner.

Have a Creative Day!
Vicky K

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