Monday, 13 August 2012

Dropped Machine

Good Evening All

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  I'm using the nice weather to try potty training my little girl.  She is over 3 and will be starting school in September.  She didn't really show signs of training, so I put it off.  I think I put it off too long.  She asks for a diaper when she needs to go.  I'm really hoping that it won't take too long.  Its been 4 days already.  Please wish me luck!

I purchased 2 tables from IKEA about 6 months ago after reading and seeing others with my machine dropping their machines.  I finally convinced my hubby to cut out the space for my machine in one of the tables.  The other one is butted up sideways to make an L for extra space when FMQ.  I'm so excited to try FMQ but still a little away from that part of a quilt.

Here is my hubby getting ready to cut into my table :)

Here is the bottom of the finished table with hubby
holding the cut out piece.  He got camera shy
and wouldn't be part of the picture.

This is the front view of my machine dropped.

 Another view of my machine.

Love it!  I haven't been able to get a lot of sewing done on my new set up, but so far so good!

Hope you have a wonderful night.
Vicky K


  1. Ohhh! I'm in the same predicament! My son is supposed to start preschool right after labor day, and most days has no interest in the potty(unless it's nap time or nighttime and he needs an excuse to get out of bed). I'm starting to lose hope and wonder when I should just call the school and tell them to give his spot to someone else. He wants to go to school like big brother soooo bad, but just gets distracted and forgets he's wearing a diaper. Good luck on potty traing your little one! Hope it goes fast!

    1. Thanks Tricia. I hope you are successful too!