Sunday, 1 February 2015

February 1 off to a good start

Good Day All

Hope you are having a wonderful day. Mine has been very nice and somewhat productive.

A few days ago, I came across these Project Printables through another blog that I follow. I have seen a few others on the internet but haven't liked all the information or format of the printables. Upon looking at these ones, I felt that I could easily use them and it would contain all the information that I would want to have on the sheets. It did take me a while to print off the sheets. I was having issues with opening the doc files in Firefox, so I ended up opening the files from Internet Explorer and then I also forgot to remove the title field so I could add my own titles. So I had to stop the printing and edit the file and then print again. I believe I printed 15 copies of the individual project templates. I know that I probably have at least 60 projects or material for projects in my home that I should make reference too, but I thought I would just start with a few. I also thought I would only need one summary page and that would last me for the year but as I was writing out some of my projects this am. I thought to myself, Self, you should really get a lot of these checked off during February and then you can start a fresh one for March. It would help you use up some stash and then it would be easier to organize and change your sewing room around like you are wanting.

My hubby took my kids swimming today which gave me time to concentrate on my new system. So as soon as they left, I headed downstairs to get a move on things. And I made sure not to turn on the TV as it is such a time sucker for me. I went though my emails to record the BOM's I would like to participate in this year and recorded them on the project sheets. I also printed what patterns I could for the BOM. And I found a new binder for my project sheets. I think I wrote up 6 projects. I have 3 charity quilts from my guild to longarm and bind. So I just included those in my summary page, I didn't write up individual sheets on those. But it will feel good to get them finished, out of my house, and a check mark on the page ;)

After I got bored of writing, I went into my sewing room. I haven't been in there for a long time. I think the last time was to make a comfort block for a friend. I've been taking my quilting away from the house, to either a friend's house or to our guild. I feel guilty when I go into my sewing room because there is so many other things that need to get finished. I don't feel guilty when I go away, because that is what I'm supposed to be doing. But when I go downstairs, my hubby thinks (or I'm thinking my husband's thinking) that I'm getting paperwork finished. And when I come upstairs with quilting finished, he seems shocked that's what I was doing. So hence the guilt for the next time.

I started clearing off a table and shelves that I'm taking out of my room with the new organization. Which lead me to find almost finished projects. One of them being a Halloween Wall Hanging. I finished appliquéing it. Now it needs to be quilted and bound. When I appliquéd it, I layered batting and muslin to help with stabilization. I've been hemming and hawing about leaving all the layers on when I quilt it, or should I cut away the muslin, to help with puffing up the appliquéd pieces during quilting. Its been 3 months since the top was finished and still sitting there. Decision making is the real deterrent in finishing projects for me. So today I bit the bullet and cut away the muslin. It is all ready to be loaded onto my longarm.

Now my next deterrent is my longarm. I'm scared of it lol. Actually I'm scared of the maintenance that I've been told it needs. I'm quite nervous to oil and WD40 it. I've only done it 4 times. I know its not a big deal and the more I do it, then easier it will be but my brain is not there yet.

Is there anything that deters you from finishing things?

Here is my top ready for quilting.

I'm hoping I will be able to show a finished Wall Hanging to you guys tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Have a quilty day!
Vicky K

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Friday, 2 January 2015

First Day for Resolutions

Good Day.

Hope your first day of the year was a great one!

I'm touching base with my success on my resolutions.

1st R - 2/3 successful
  tracked all food, walked the dog for 30 min, but did not get to bed before midnight.

2nd R - Successful
  cleaned the garbage off the dryer and threw out a Christmas swag I won't use anymore and also threw out some old gift bags and crushed tissue that's not usable anymore.

3rd R - Checklist not ready yet

4th R - Not started

5th R - Successful

Today, I'm off to sewing with my small group of friends.  It feels like its been a long time since we gotten together and am quite excited.

Hope you have a wonderful Friday.
Vicky K
Happy New Year!

I'm posting this later than I wanted.  But I finally got to my computer.  I had such big plans for today and didn't get even half of what I wanted finished.  I was really tired, so I laid down for a short nap and it ended up being 3.5 hours.  And the rest of the day was spent with my husband and kids.  We had a really nice day.  I've heard it said before - What you do on January 1 is what you will do for the rest of the year.  I was hoping to do a little bit of everything today so that my year can involve everything LOL.

I've been thinking of New Year's Resolutions today.  And I think I come up with a few.  I also listened to Sandy from Quilting..For the Rest of Us podcast about her 2015 Quilty Resolution Challenge while I walked the dog tonight and got a few other ideas.

First resolution:
  Focus on my health.
       I will attend a weekly Weight Watcher meeting
       Get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day
       Go to sleep before midnight

Second resolution:
  To declutter my house
       Throw out or give away at least one thing every day or
       do at least 5 minutes of reorganizing every day.

Third resolution:
  Complete my 15 min per day goals.
       Will create a checklist that I can mark off daily to help keep on track.

Fourth resolution:  (this one is based on Sandy's challenge)
  Work on writing quilt patterns

Fifth resolution:
  Consistently write and post blog posts
        Post at least once a week

What about you?  Have you made any resolutions?

Have a good night and a Happy 2015!

Vicky K


Thursday, 30 October 2014

On My Design Wall - Halloween

Good Evening Everyone

How are you doing the day before Halloween? Are you doing anything special? Some family and friends are meeting at my house and then we will be taking the kids around the neighbourhood. My Hubby decorated more than previous years. The kids are so excited.

I tried to post a picture of my family dressed for a costume party to this post but I wasn't able to, so I put it in another post.  We had so much fun and some of the costumes were so amazing.  I couldn't beleive some of them.

I'm trying to get a Halloween wall hanging finished by tomorrow.  Here is it on my design wall:

I had to decide if I was going to applique the pieces with my domestic machine or my longarm.  I decided I wanted a satin stitch not a straight stitch so I will be using my domestic.  As soon as I get this posted, back to my machine I go.

Have you made anything for Halloween this year?

Have a great crafty day!
Vicky K

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Halloween Party last Saturday

Quick post to show a picture of my family dressed for a Halloween Party last week.  We had such a blast.

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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Playing on Millie today

After months of having my millenium long arm set up I will be able to work my machine. The first thing I put on machine was a practice sandwich and I pinned it on. It took me a long time to figure out how to do that. I've only been taught with leader grips.

I purchased leader grips for my machine at the end of July and I'm finally attaching them to my canvas rollers. It took me three times to fold over the csnvas to make a casing for the leader grips. I have successfully completed attaching the leadergrips to one of my rollers. Working on the second one and it will definitely go faster then the first one.

I folded over 1 inch on the canvas and I sewed a quarter inch seam allowance using my hopping foot for a guide. Here is a picture showing how i'm sewing my casing.

I used the clips on the side of my table to hold my canvas place while i sewed down the roller.

It was hard to find information on the web showing how to make the casing for the leader grips. I was quite nervous but then I realised I just had to use my seam ripper if i made a mistake. Lol. Took a lot of the fear away. Do you get anxious about the next step in a project and hold off taking that step? I seem to do that a lot and I know it would just be faster to jump in then to keep stressing about it.

I purchased a new pantograph for my machine last week as I took 3 charity tops to quilt for my guild. I will also use the same pantograph on a quilt for a friend. I told her by the time I do her quilt I'll be a pro.

What are you working on this sunday afternoon?

Have a great day!
Vicky K
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Thursday, 17 July 2014


Good Day All

Hope you have been enjoying your summer so far. Its been very nice in my neck of the woods, which translates to not much time spent doing crafty things.
But I think I will be playing more than usual as I finally got my Millie. Its been over a year since I decided on a Millenium. It took that long to get hubby on board and even then, I ordered it without the basement being ready. I put a deadline of either the dollar being at $0.95 or my 40th birthday. We hit my birthday before the dollar came up.

I received my boxes last Wednesday. Sadly some of the boxes were damaged. I had an appointment for installation scheduled for this Wednesday in case we had problems and couldn't figure it out ourselves. With the damages to the boxes and some pieces, I didn't feel comfortable putting the table and machine together so I waited for the appointment. I thought I would go crazy with the waiting but I did pretty good. We were able to put together my longarm as it seems like almost all the damage is cosmetic. Now I just have to figure out with APQS, the best course of action from here. They have been so nice and helpful with these issues. Great company.

I finally got a chance to play on the longarm around 9:30 last night. I think it was around 1:30 when I had all three pieces loaded correctly and it threaded and bobbin in. At that time of night, I wasn't sure if I should go to bed or try to play. I decided to baste down my edges and subdivide my fabric for playing. I finally dragged myself up last night at 3:30. Surprising, I'm not really tired today (Yet LOL)

I ordered leadergrips but they haven't come in yet, which meant I had to pin my layers on. I have only ever used leadergrips when longarming, so it was a lot of research and trial and error. I think I had to repin at least 3 times. :) Usually I would miss placing the canvas over or under a roller. I think I had a huge smile on my face when I finally it all attached.

This afternoon, I finally played a bit with free-motion. I started off doing curls but ended up doing clamshells (think that's what its called). I think they look pretty good. Any time I've tried doing them on paper, I would get caught in corners. There are only a few places where I don't like what I did, but overall, I'm pretty excited with my results.

I enrolled in Angela Walters Dot-to-Dot Quilting class on Craftsy. I might spend some time today making the quilt top she designed for the class. Its a rainy day, which means I let my kids have a TV day. They haven't had one since school let out.

Have a great day!
Vicky K

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