Friday, 2 January 2015

First Day for Resolutions

Good Day.

Hope your first day of the year was a great one!

I'm touching base with my success on my resolutions.

1st R - 2/3 successful
  tracked all food, walked the dog for 30 min, but did not get to bed before midnight.

2nd R - Successful
  cleaned the garbage off the dryer and threw out a Christmas swag I won't use anymore and also threw out some old gift bags and crushed tissue that's not usable anymore.

3rd R - Checklist not ready yet

4th R - Not started

5th R - Successful

Today, I'm off to sewing with my small group of friends.  It feels like its been a long time since we gotten together and am quite excited.

Hope you have a wonderful Friday.
Vicky K

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