Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Finally Finished after 2 years

Good Evening all

My day has gone pretty good but am getting really tired....didn't get a nap today. LOL

This is just a quick post to tell and show you all


The cone I've been working on for over 2 years is finally finished. I can't believe how long this cone lasted me. Its either a lot of thread or I'm a really slow piecer.

I've been working steady on this project and learned a lot of things that I'll catch you up on in the next few days.

My little guys birthday is tomorrow - he's turning 7. Tomorrow is gonna be a busy day.

Have a great day!
Vicky K

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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Design Wall Thursday

Good Evening All
We are under a storm watch tonight. They are forecasting another 20 cm of snow. Its a good thing I live in Alberta as I love snow. I'm getting excited about taking kids for skiing lessons again this winter. Last year, my kids and the neighbour kids took an hour private lesson. It was a great introduction to skiing. I've only skied 5 times in my life so it was an experience for me too. Myself and the other mom were allowed with the kids for a discounted rate. Someone should have been taking a video of my first attempt on the magic carpet. I'm sure it was quite the site! Trying to get my 3 year old on it without her or myself falling. Got her on and then its my turn. Oh My Goodness! I couldn't get my upper body forward, so I'm waving my arms with the poles that are supposed to be pointing down but slashing through the air to prevent myself from falling on my but. I think I finally got my balance halfway up the teaching hill LMAO. Can't wait to see how I'll do this year. :)
Yesterday I started cutting out my next project. I'm hoping to to be finished cutting the block pieces tonight. I won't cut the sashing and corner blocks until the blocks are put together.
Here are the pieces on my design wall.

I like purple but just don't play with it very often. This is a turning out to be a very springy quilt. I'm trying to get it finished so that I can enter the quilt into the Iron Quilter II competition at Missouri Star Quilt Co that's due November 30. Better get off the computer and get back to cutting.
Have a great night everyone!
Vicky K
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WIP Row Robin #2

Good Evening

I've been missing in action for a while because I was sicker than a dog for over a week. I had the worst cold and cough and could not stay awake for longer than an hour at a time. Went to doctor, got meds, feel better. But now my little girl is going on her 5th day of fever and cough. Taking her to the doctor tomorrow. Hope she gets better soon. When she's sick, she has to be near me and she won't sleep without me.

So I decided to join up with Freshly Pieced's WIP today. I'm having trouble adding the button tonight and will play around with that another day.

I've been working on the 2nd Row Robin for my quilting guild. I had lots of fun and frustration working on this row. The theme was Women's Intimate Apparel.

Here is the top that I received.

I was thinking of doing a row of shoes but when I reread the note from the creator, I figured it wasn't intimately appropriate. So I tossed all the designs I came up with for shoes and I must say, my runner was amazing. LOL

So here are some of my blocks during creation:

Its getting late here and I'm gonna have a busy day tomorrow. Hope you have had a productive WIP Wednesday!

Vicky K

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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Scrappy Binding for Son's Quilt

Good Evening All

Today is a snow day with just me and kids home. Hubby is out hunting again. I really wanted a whole day of quilting and playing in my room. But I was feeling bad for leaving kids alone. So I spent all morning and most of the afternoon with them. I got in about an hour after lunch. Right now I'm working on the scrappy binding for my little guy's quilt.

I'm pretty excited about finishing the quilt. Its been a long time coming.

I'm back in the sewing room tonight for hopefully a few hours. It'll depend on when little girl comes on down. Have a great evening.

Vicky K

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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Binding Question

Good Evening All

Hope you had a great Halloween! I had an awesome time with friends and family this year. Great memories. Both kids had parties at school and then my friend had a party for 12 kids and everyone had a blast. Then my niece, her husband and 18 month old kids met at our house with my friend and her kids and we headed out Trick or Treating. It was lots of fun for all to have so many walking together. And the weather was so nice. I feel like this was the first Halloween that I've been able to get into the festivities with my kids since my Mom passed away. Things are starting to settle down with the estate. Its been a long 2.5 years. I can't wait for Christmas! I even attempted to make eye balls from apples. They worked out pretty good but they aren't "Take to a Party" food. Kind of have to be eaten right away.

I've been working a lot in my sewing room the last few days but I can't show what I'm working on. I've been working on a Row Robin that I joined at the Fort Sask Quilting Guild and its a Secret. I know one of my readers are in the exchange with me so Mums the pictures LOL.

On October 30, I went to Sparrow Studio to quilt my son's quilt. It been sitting in my room, sandwiched, waiting for quilting for at least 2 years. My son is turning 7 at the end of November, so I figured I should get it finished while he still likes what's on the fabric. I picked a spider web panto. I think my little guy will love it!

I'm working on the binding now. I'm going to do a scrappy binding. It'll have the solid colours - Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange. How long do you make your strips when doing a scrappy binding?

My kids and hubby will be back from gymnastics soon, so I need to get off the computer.

Have a great evening!

Vicky K

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