Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Binding Question

Good Evening All

Hope you had a great Halloween! I had an awesome time with friends and family this year. Great memories. Both kids had parties at school and then my friend had a party for 12 kids and everyone had a blast. Then my niece, her husband and 18 month old kids met at our house with my friend and her kids and we headed out Trick or Treating. It was lots of fun for all to have so many walking together. And the weather was so nice. I feel like this was the first Halloween that I've been able to get into the festivities with my kids since my Mom passed away. Things are starting to settle down with the estate. Its been a long 2.5 years. I can't wait for Christmas! I even attempted to make eye balls from apples. They worked out pretty good but they aren't "Take to a Party" food. Kind of have to be eaten right away.

I've been working a lot in my sewing room the last few days but I can't show what I'm working on. I've been working on a Row Robin that I joined at the Fort Sask Quilting Guild and its a Secret. I know one of my readers are in the exchange with me so Mums the pictures LOL.

On October 30, I went to Sparrow Studio to quilt my son's quilt. It been sitting in my room, sandwiched, waiting for quilting for at least 2 years. My son is turning 7 at the end of November, so I figured I should get it finished while he still likes what's on the fabric. I picked a spider web panto. I think my little guy will love it!

I'm working on the binding now. I'm going to do a scrappy binding. It'll have the solid colours - Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange. How long do you make your strips when doing a scrappy binding?

My kids and hubby will be back from gymnastics soon, so I need to get off the computer.

Have a great evening!

Vicky K

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