Thursday, 21 November 2013

Design Wall Thursday

Good Evening All
We are under a storm watch tonight. They are forecasting another 20 cm of snow. Its a good thing I live in Alberta as I love snow. I'm getting excited about taking kids for skiing lessons again this winter. Last year, my kids and the neighbour kids took an hour private lesson. It was a great introduction to skiing. I've only skied 5 times in my life so it was an experience for me too. Myself and the other mom were allowed with the kids for a discounted rate. Someone should have been taking a video of my first attempt on the magic carpet. I'm sure it was quite the site! Trying to get my 3 year old on it without her or myself falling. Got her on and then its my turn. Oh My Goodness! I couldn't get my upper body forward, so I'm waving my arms with the poles that are supposed to be pointing down but slashing through the air to prevent myself from falling on my but. I think I finally got my balance halfway up the teaching hill LMAO. Can't wait to see how I'll do this year. :)
Yesterday I started cutting out my next project. I'm hoping to to be finished cutting the block pieces tonight. I won't cut the sashing and corner blocks until the blocks are put together.
Here are the pieces on my design wall.

I like purple but just don't play with it very often. This is a turning out to be a very springy quilt. I'm trying to get it finished so that I can enter the quilt into the Iron Quilter II competition at Missouri Star Quilt Co that's due November 30. Better get off the computer and get back to cutting.
Have a great night everyone!
Vicky K
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