Tuesday, 29 October 2013

String Block Day 6 and final day

Good Evening All
Hope you've had a wonderful day. Mine was pretty good. I was able to accomplish a lot in my sewing room today. I finished taking the paper off all the string blocks. Now I just need to address and stuff the envelopes.

Here are all my blocks finished:

Pretty excited about them. I'm really liking this project. Can't wait until I receive all my blocks and can put them into a great quilt.

Tonight I still have to un-baste a quilt. I basted it before thinking/knowing I would be getting a longarm quilting machine. And tomorrow, I'm renting a longarm at Sparrow Studio so I can quilt it. Its a quilt for my little guy who turns 7 at the end of November. I figured I should get my act in gear as he won't be liking the theme soon. LOL This quilt has been a UFO for at least 1.5 years. It'll feel really nice to be finished it.

Here is a picture of my little guys quilt before I removed the pins.

I've been trying to figure out how I want to quilt it. Should I custom quilt it with machinery, should I just do fun free motion, or should I do a pantograph. This will be the 5th quilt I will be quilting using an APQS and I still feel like a real beginner. So I'm leaning toward a pantograph. I need to start somewhere to grow and I'm sure this is not going to be the last quilt I will be giving my little guy. The next one can have custom stuff done to it ;)

Oh and I thought I would tell you a funny story about last night before I sign off:

My little girl was, of course, still up when I went to bed last night. She crawled into bed with hubby and me. When she gets too awake at night, she will talk or sing to herself until she gets sleepy again. And I also like to read before going to bed. Lately I've been catching up on Facebook stuff before turning out the lights. So around 2 am, as my hubby is sleeping, my little girl starts singing quietly. I end up reading a post about Auto-Correct. I started laughing so hard, I just couldn't keep it in. All of a sudden, hubby is awake and worried about me because he thinks I'm crying. My daughter pipes in and says Mommy's laughing not crying. I'm can't talk because of laughing so hard and also kind of nervous to tell him that I'm reading Facebook and waking him up. One thing about my hubby - he likes his sleep in the night. Gets really grumpy if he gets woken up. Could you image soundly sleeping and then all of a sudden your daughter is singing and then you think your wife is crying. The poor guy LOL. He took it pretty well, even made a joke about it this evening. Its been a long time since I laughed that hard and it felt really good.

Have a good night everyone and hope you've had a laugh today.

Vicky K

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