Tuesday, 29 October 2013

String Block Day 5

Good Evening

So I wasn't able to get into the sewing room yesterday. I got lazy and ended up staying upstairs watching TV and playing on Facebook. The evil time consumer. lol

As I was feeling lazy about yesterday, I made myself come downstairs tonight. It took a while to get motivated to cut the strip blocks but I finished them. I'm a procrastinator when it comes to cutting fabric. I'm thinking that's my biggest hurdle in quilting. And its not like I don't have enough fabric in my stash if I made a mistake. (wink) When I was first learning how to quilt, I miscut a few times (or should I say many times), so now when I buy fabric for a quilt, I usually buy an extra .25 meter. I have lots to spare in my room. Especially when I'm doing stash busting.

I learned something while cutting tonight - Include extra fabric past the edges of my foundation. It can/will shrink up with seam allowances.

I cut my paper foundations to the size of blocks required - 8.5". The first one I trimmed tonight, I used the paper as a guide. Trimmed all four sides. I then started trimming the second one the same way. And something made me stop and actually measure. Well, good thing I did. The paper foundation was 8.5 X 8.25. One side shrunk. I changed the way I trimmed and started using the measuring using the ruler.

So then I started debating with myself about removing paper first before trimming as it seems that the blocks will distort slightly after removing the papers. I decided to cut first and then just be really careful when taking off the paper. I looked at some of the other blocks that I received from my swap partners and it seemed like the blocks also got distorted in the mail. So I figured as the blocks are cut on the bias, its gonna be really hard for my partners to receive perfect blocks and to not worry so much. I'll do my best to send great blocks but I'm relieving the pressure of perfect.

Do you get stressed for perfection when quilting?

Here are some pictures of my night.

Before picture

The difference out in paper foundation

Here are all my cut blocks and the pile of scraps leftover. I'm excited to have more to add to my crumb block scraps.

As I didn't sew tonight, there's no new picture of my thread cone.

I guess I should get up to bed, its 1:30 am and my little girl came into my sewing room tonight for the 3rd time. Halloween is really getting to her, she won't sleep without me when she wakes in the middle of the night. We finally got her going to sleep on her own without too many issues.

Have a great night!
Vicky K

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