Friday, 25 October 2013

String Blocks Day 3

Good Evening

I finally got down to my sewing room at 10:30 tonight. But better late than never ;)

Tonight I'm working on String Blocks for a swap I'm doing for the Just Us Quilters on Facebook. This is the first time that I'm making string blocks. We are using paper foundations for the blocks. The first day I worked on the blocks, it was a learning curve and exciting because it was new. The second night I was working on the blocks I started to get worried that the blocks were diverse enough and then started to not enjoy working on them. Right before I had to quit to go to bed, I realized it was a really quick way to make blocks and got excited about the blocks again. I mean, it should take me only another evening to finish all the blocks. I'm working on 20 blocks. That's really productive - 20 blocks in 4 evenings. I can't wait until I receive all the blocks from my partners. I think I've received about half of them already. I won't let myself take the blocks out of the envelopes until I have mine in the mail LOL. I looked at them but pulled out my will power to put them back and not on my design wall.

Here's my pile of fabrics and the pile of blocks started.

I gotta get back to my blocks - Have a great night everyone!

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