Sunday, 27 October 2013

String Block Day 4

Good Evening

I was able to get into my room again today. Yay!! Its been a good week when I get to play 2 days in a row without guilt.

I was able to finish sewing all the String Blocks.

Here is my pile of rough blocks all finished and on cutting mat to be trimmed down to size. I'll be cutting them down to 8.5".

I've been trying to use up the cone of thread on my machine before I change to Aurifil. It feels like its been taking forever that I've been working at this. For more motivation for blogging and seeing an empty cone, I've decided to take a picture of the cone after every sewing session. Ha ha, hope you don't get as sick as I am of this never ending thread.

Here is my cone at the end of day - October 26.

I might even be able to get into my sewing room again tomorrow as they are calling for snow tonight and tomorrow. It might be a pj day tomorrow.

Have a great night!
Vicky K

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