Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tooth Fairy Pillow for Little Guy

Good Morning All!
I'm hoping my day will be productive with cleaning the house and some quilting time.  I would like to prepare some hand quilting things for our camping trip.  And I have to finish a quilt for a special friend that is a month late.  :(

My little guy lost his first tooth in May.  When we found out his tooth was loose, I started working on a Tooth Fairy Pillow for him.  I remember my childhood Pillow and wish I still had it.  So when designing his Pillow, I wanted something he could keep and not be too embarrassed about.

I used scraps from his surprise (shhh) quilt that is in my UFO pile.  LOL

I made a little pocket in the dump truck for his tiny teeth.
I can't believe how tiny it was.

And there is another pocket for the Tooth Fairy's gift :)

So what do you guys think - Will he be too embarrassed to keep it as a keepsake?

Hope you have a Creative Day!
Vicky K

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