Wednesday, 25 July 2012

IPad Teacher's Gift

Good Morning All

Today is the day we are heading to the lake.  I'm hoping that the weather is great for us and that we will survive close quarters.  There will be myself and my little people and then a friend and her little men.  Her boys are just a little older than my little guy.  I'm nervous about the sleeping part.  Her guys are up late and sleep in late.  My people are up early and to bed early.  And I think its like a difference of 3 hours.  (grimace here).  Ahhh its only for 2 days right!  LOL

I'm kind of late posting this but I'm finally able to post this awesome IPad holder I made for one of my little guy's teachers.  All the teachers loved it and said that I should make and sell these.  This was my prototype and am hoping I can make another one soon so that I can remember how I made it.

I used two ideas found in blog land.  BettyCrockerAss and A Sewing Bloggery.  Of course, I didn't read all the way through the tutorial on A Sewing Bloggery and tried to make my own adjustments to enlarge it from a pod to a pad.  I used 7.5" triangles and a 7.5" square.  The square ended up a little too big and I think 7" square would work. 

It was pretty simple to make.  It does take a lot of rice to fill it nice and stiff.   I used black and white scraps.  I just love Black and White.

Hope you have a Creative Day!
Vicky K


  1. Hey! I have not seen one of these before! great idea! I have a suggestion, sometimes you can get wheat for cheaper than rice, in fact if you know any LDS members they may have pails of older stock in their garage...

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Susan. Yeah, aren't they cute?