Monday, 23 July 2012

Delivery of Give-Away Finally

Good Evening All
What an interesting evening!  My friend, myself and our four kids were to go camping today but we decided to wait until Wednesday because of the weather.  What a good decision!  There ended up being tornado warnings for the area that we were going to.  And we were going to be staying in a canvas tent.  That would not have been fun, especially with 4 young-ens.  Here's hoping that Wednesday will be nicer.

I was finally able to deliver the giveaway last week.  I ended up forgetting to bring the package when I took my kids to my in-laws.  But I did remember to take it when we picked up the kids.

And Susan was so great!  She gave me gifts!  What a surprise.  I was excited to meet a fellow blogger and then I get goodies too!  What a wonderful community!

Have a great Quilty Evening!
Vicky K


  1. Oh and thank you Vicky. A short visit, but I had fun going through the jelly roll and have a project in mind, but it will have to wait til September as I am knee-deep in 3.5 inch squares and making donation quilts to give in my community.

  2. I still can't imagine making as many quilts as you do. Can't wait to see what you make with the roll.