Thursday, 2 February 2012

What my life looks like!

Good Morning All

I've been crazy busy trying to learn QuickBooks and enter my Mom's estate financials.  Its been quite the challenge.  I don't like feeling like a failure and the first 2 days, that's what I was feeling.  Yesterday wasn't too bad, its starting to look up.  But I thought I would show you what my area looks like.  There's no surface showing or if there is, its very little.

Here are only half of the boxes for my Mom's estate

 Not sure if you can tell
I have my laptop set up beside my desktop
and I'm using both at same time

 Here are all my crazy piles that need to be entered

and last but not least
my love
My Electric Heater
i'm always cold and even more so when stressed
He's My Friend!

Have a great Day!

Vicky K

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