Friday, 1 June 2012

New Storage

Good Morning All
How's your morning so far?  Mine is going okay.  I have a very busy day but I won't have kids today, so I should accomplish a lot.  Just not a lot of Quilty stuff.  I have to show our rental an hour away to 3 families.  Hope to be successful today!  I've showed the house to 5 families already and no grabs.  LOL.
I'm also gonna try to tackle some of the paperwork that is covering my desk.

Today I'm gonna show you my new storage system for my scraps.  I like it so far, but haven't had much time to use it yet.  I just filled it.

This is how I used to store my scraps originally:

I believe I had 12 of those bins.
I would always see this colorful storage system in Michaels and think to myself
"Self, you really need this.  Its so pretty! But where could you use it?  hmmmm"
Then finally I convinced myself that it can fit under my ironing/cutting table.  Still didn't know what I would put in it but I bought it anyways.
Wellllll, it doesn't fit under my table.  It makes the table just a tad too high to be comfortable ironing or cutting.  But it does fit nicely between my ironing table and my other table. 
On the top of the stand, in the clear tub, I have my crumb blocks I've been using as leaders and enders.   The scraps I still have to cut into my scrap system are stuffed into the purple basket.
Here is a close up of some of my labels for my scrap system.
And these are my empty tubs.  Hmmmm what can I fill these with??  LOL
Do you like to organize?  Do you change your way of organizing or are you happy enough with the first attempt?  I feel like I'm always changing the way I store things.  Michaels and IKEA are BAD for me.  :)

Hope your day is wonderful and Quilty

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