Thursday, 31 May 2012

Please contact me Margaret

Hi Margaret
Your email won't work for me.  I would love to send your gift! Can you email me?

If you aren't sure if you are the correct Margaret - this is your post:

Hi Vicky-I am a follower.
I have been sewing for 41 years, my first quilting project was a hand pieced pillow when I was 17, made a lot of quilts the wrong way when my kids were little (they loved them anyway-they didn't know;))))-and have finally started to get the hang of things and make quilts I feel really good about giving away within the last two years. In between I've sewed a little bit of everything, and have done the most of English smocking and heirloom sewing- that was my specialty till the kids outgrew wearing it :)
Thanks for the opportunity to win this great giveaway.
You can reach me at
If I don't get a reply by Monday, I guess I will have to pick another winner. :(

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