Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Cutting Gizmo

I love notions and here is one that I use quite a bit.  Its called
The Cutting Gizmo

It has a blade in the middle at the top.  
When I'm finished chain piecing, I just place 
the little bit of thread between the pieces 
on the blade and it cuts the thread.

Here is a picture of the thread hanging on the blade.

This stack of chain pieces took me less
 than a minute to cut apart using 
The Cutting Gizmo

Last year at retreat, I brought the Gizmo, which my friends tried out.  I think at least 2 out of 3 bought it after.  It works that good.  There are replacement blades when it dulls.  I didn't have any blades with me at this retreat but we were playing around with it to see what kind of blades it takes.  I just pushed the blade over enough to get a sharper edge.  I could probably get at least 3 full uses out of the blade doing that going the other way too.  I love when notions have a double use or you can get extra uses out of them.

Have you tried The Gizmo?  If so, what is your opinion?

Hope you have a wonderful Quilty weekend!

Vicky K

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