Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Domino Block and border test

Good Evening Ladies
How was your Tuesday?  I had another good day today.  Must be on a roll, hopefully it keeps going.

I purchased a new office chair for my new sewing studio about a month ago.  I put on the arms without realizing that the chair might not fit under my table with them on.  Yep that happened.  I finally got around to taking off the arms.  Boy does it take some getting used to - to sit on the chair without it taking off behind me.  I almost ended up on the floor twice today.  LOL  It probably doesn't help that hubby purchased (what he calls) Racing Wheels for the chair.  We bought special castors that won't wreck the new laminate flooring.

Here is another block in the quilts that I'm making for my great-nephew twin boys. The name of the block is "Domino"

When trying to decide on how big of a border to put on a quilt, I like to take pictures.  Its helps looking at the pictures.  Have you done something like this?  Do you have another way to figure out what size of borders to put on?

These were two of the options for my quilts.  I ended up doing 3.5" or 3" finished.

Notice the cornerstones?  I fussy cut those cute little critters.  As soon as I saw the fabric, I knew I had to put them as cornerstones.

Have a great Quilty evening.
Heading to bed
Vicky K

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