Monday, 7 May 2012

Retreat Works

Good Morning
I've had a pretty successful morning so far.  Its feeling really nice since I've been sick for the last 2 weeks.  I had a sinus infection that hit me hard.  My teeth hurt like the dickens, fever ever 2 days, achy, clammy and so on.  I thought I had a cold and you're not supposed to go to the doctor for a  cold.  But last Wednesday, I couldn't stand it anymore and finally went to the doctors.  I had to wait for almost 2 hours to see the doctor for 10 minutes.  My poor house and family.  I could only get the energy to do one thing daily, either dishes, vacuuming, cleaning up after kids, make supper.  So my house has suffered greatly.  We also got possession of a rental house on May 1, and hubby is obsessed with doing the necessary renovations to make it contain a separate legal suite.  So he was too busy to help with the house and kids.  But I'm on the UPSIDE!! 
We are going to Mexico in June and I would love to lose some weight before we go.  This morning I started an exercise routine.  I'm hoping that doing the program will help with my energy and motivation around the house LOL.  I'm a terrible housekeeper and an awesome procrastinator.

Sorry for the ramblings.  Back to Quilting:

Two weeks ago I went on retreat for 4 days.  I brought 5 projects to work on.  The first project I worked on was 2 quilts for my nieces newborn twin boys.  She fell in love with the panel  Forest Friends from Northcott.

Northcott's website lists all the store that purchased their fabrics and has a download for EQ7 for their fabrics.  I downloaded the fabrics into my EQ7 and played around to come up with a quilt.  Well I actually came up with 4 different quilts.  I couldn't decide what to make so I printed all of them with the fabric requirements to take to the store with me.  I found a store, Snow Goose Quilting that purchased all or most of the fabrics in the line.  I had the ladies at the store help me decide which one to make.  I will post a picture of the quilts when I finished but here is a little sneak peak.

The pile on the left is my yardage for the quilts and the pieces on top are for the quilts too.

 Here is a picture of one of the blocks I came up with.

I really hope that she will like the quilts.  The fabric and backing is flannel.  Ohhh so soft.

Do you have EQ7 or a program like it?  Do you like coming up with your own quilts.  I would love to know and see some that you have done.

Hope you are having a great Monday!!
Vicky K

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