Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Save the Scraps

Good morning Ladies!
Hope you have a wonderful day!  Mine is gonna be busy.
The public health nurse is coming for a couple of hours this morning to work with me and my daughter.  She had a speech delay.  They come every couple of weeks to check up and give new strategies if needed.  I'm really appreciative of the program.  We are making slow but sure progress with little girl.
Then its the normal routine - get little guy from school, lunch, naps, supper.
Then in the evening, my little guy has soccer pictures.  His jersey is green and we have green temporary hair coloring.  The kind that sprays on.  Hubby really wants little guy to have green hair for the pictures.  The only problem - can't get  the green off his scalp for weeks on end.  Hubby has been the one to spray his hair so far.  I told him that I will spray it this time and see if I can't miss his scalp. :)

And I still need to find time to finish the twins' quilts.  The baby shower is on Sunday.

When I was sewing my outer borders together (and I didn't sew the angles backwards like the inner border LOL), I sewed a second line to try to save the scraps.  Not sure if I would do this again while sewing the borders as I ended up with a HST of the same fabric.  It ended up working out great as I added the blocks to the back.  I also made some extra sections by mistake when making the top, so instead of ripping out the sections, I just cut new fabric.  I put those mistake sections in the back too.  But I digress.....

Here are the pictures of my seams, extra pieces, and HST ready to be trimmed.

Are you a scrap saver or a thrower-outer?  I save everything.  Anything bigger that 1/2 inch goes into my stash, anything smaller goes to the dogs.  :)   For dog beds.  LOL

Have a Quilty Day
Vicky K

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  1. I'm trying to get my mother (former quilter, now just garment sewing - and weaving, and other crafts, but no more quilts) to save me her garment sewing scraps. Garment sewers throw out huge pieces of fabric! And I've started some of Bonnie Hunter's tiny-scrap leader and ender quilts... though the smallest I save is 1.5 inches, not half-inch!