Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mother's Day and new site

Happy Mother's Day!
I hope everyone is enjoying the day.  I've had a really good day so far and am sure the rest of the day will be just as nice.  I was able to sleep in till 8:30.  I woke up in a good mood and it feels like its been forever since I have.  Hubby is gone all day to update the newest house so we can have 2 legal suites.  So I thought today would be the perfect time to clean the house.  Its always easier when he's not home LOL.  I picked up my little guys room while he was eating breakfast.  What a reaction when he noticed his clean room.  It was priceless.  He didn't know how it happened :).  I'm taking a break from cleaning to catch up on my blog and other blogs I have found recently.

Have you heard of Quilting Gallery?  I have seen the button on quilting blogs for a while, but never really had the time to check out the website.  I still haven't had the time to see all the ins but it looks like a great website.  Hope to check it out fully in the next little while.

I've taken some new pictures.  Hope to get them uploaded soon.

Have a great quilty day!
Vicky K


  1. Thanks for the kind words about my site!

  2. Your welcome! Its a great site. I've checked it out.