Monday, 14 May 2012

Border Error

Good Morning Everyone!  Hope your weekend was wonderful.  Mine was great.  Last night my SIL hosted a BBQ and we had perfect weather for it.  I spent the rest of the day cleaning and playing on computer.  What did you do?

Have you ever sewed the joining seams the wrong way for borders?  I did and I didn't catch it until all 8 seams were finished.  I have made the mistake a few times, but I always catch it after the first seam.  Not this time.  Had to rip out lots, good thing, the boarder was only 1.5 inches wide.  :)

Here are some pictures to show you what I mean:

And you can bet I didn't make the same mistake with the outside 3.5 inch borders.  LOL

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!
Vicky K


  1. Sometimes it sure helps to laugh at ourselves!! Thank goodness for seam rippers.

    1. I agree. I was just telling the girls at retreat that I wore out a clover seam ripper. They couldn't believe that I would do that much ripping. LOL. It's my best friend.

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