Monday, 28 May 2012

Messy Room

Good Morning All
Today is going to be a busy day for me again and probably stressful.

First my little girl is going for OT (occupational therapy) assessment for the pre-school that we are trying to get her in.

And then I'll most likely be stressing about tomorrow.   I have to go to court for a lawsuit for my Mom's estate.  She was having a house renovated and the contractor put in an outrageous claim.  The house was also given directly to my brother.  So he made the decision to fight the claim but I'm the one dealing with the lawyers and the courts.  I'm hoping and praying that the judge is fair.  We are willing to pay, just a fair amount.

So today I thought I would show a before picture of my Dad's desk that I have in my sewing studio.

I had such plans when I moved the desk in to have it organized and pretty.  But after my retreat and the rush to get the Twins' quilts finished, it ended up being my dumping ground.

The middle pile is the projects I took on retreat - that I didn't even open.
The right is the leftover fabric from the quilts and something else, not sure what.
The left is empty plastic containers that I want (need lol) to fill and my King Tut threads for machine quilting.

I hope to get some stress relieving time today by cleaning up the desk.  Does cleaning/organizing help you to de-stress?  What things do you do to relieve stress in your life?

Have a great day!


  1. I'm lucky in that I don't tend to get too stressed about things but I find a good walk in the fresh air is helpful. That and some quilting of course! Good luck with everything, hope the outcomes are positive.

    1. Walks are good. I find it hard to get out the door, but once out, I love it.
      We ended up having to pay 3/4 of the claim. I was mostly upset that the contractor was supposedly a very good friend of my Mom's and she did what she did. Was very disheartening. I'm so happy its finished with!