Monday, 3 September 2012

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Good Evening
If it was a long weekend for you - hope it was great. Ours was ok with it ending great. We headed to the lake on Saturday afternoon. We had enough time to pull out the quads to get to the lawn mower and it downpoured on us. So we spent the next 19 hours coupes up in a tiny trailer. Little girl was bored senseless. We headed home. I got some laundry finished and then was able to work on some blocks that were driving me nuts. More on that in a future post. I was listening to a podcast while quilting and she mentioned there was a sew-in on Twitter. I was able to join in. We headed back to the lake again today as my brother and his family are going to be staying out there for a while and wanted to help get them set up. It was a beautiful day. After we got them set up, hubby and I took both kids for a quad ride. They loved it! And after the kids were put to bed, I got to come down and play in my sewing room again. I finished the 4 of these blocks. I have another 12 to go. The next will be a lot easier.

Have a great evening!
First day of school tomorrow! Maybe I will get more quilting and blogging done ;).

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