Monday, 2 January 2012

1st Quarter Finish-A-Long Start

2012 Finish-A-Long

Of course, when I'm finally ready to start writing my post after reading all the other participants, my little girl wakes up.  Hope I can get this written and it makes sense.  If you ever read one of my posts and are thinking - "what is she writing? Nothing make sense."  It'll probably be a post my kids were up, beside me, and creating havoc.  LOL.
I took pictures last night of my quilting space, UFO's and Projects-Not-Yet-Started.  Today I posted them on Flicker.  I haven't really played with Flicker before.  So that is what I did this morning.  Hubby was driving my brother and his girlfriend to the bus station, so I thought I would sneak in some time for blogging. 
I'm really excited for the Finish-A-Long.  I usually find out about these Group things, either, 1 - after they have started and is kind of too late to join in, or 2 - after they have finished.  I just read about Quilt 101 by following a link to a fellow participant.  It started and finished last year.  I'm still going to check it out.
So I'm really excited about Rhonda's FAL!!  And if you get to the bottom of my post, you'll understand. LOL.  If you are interested in joining, click on the above button and Rhonda will tell you all about it.
Another new thing for me to try to do today - A Linky Party!!!  I'm new to blogging and hoping to be able to keep up on the posting.  What a great way to have a history of your quilting life.  So many times at my guild meetings, I can't remember what I worked on the past month.  So far so good - Have competed 100% daily posting this year.  LOL  2 days - 2 posts hahaha.
Here is my list for the first quarter (I'm gonna go big in the first quarter, hope not setting myself up for disappointment)
1.  Quilt for my little man- Needs quilting and binding.

2.  Quilt for little girl - Needs binding (have been working on this quilt for 2 years LOL)
3.  Green Mug Rug - Need to sew binding (didn't get these finished in time for Christmas)
4. Red Mug Rug - Binding is 1/3 finished (didn't get finished in time for Christmas)
5.  Blue Mug Rug - Need to sew the binding
6.  Charity Block - pieces cut, need to assemble (challenge was due middle of Sept - still not finished)
7. Christmas Table Runner - Need to hand sew vine, attach and hand sew over 100 leaves and berries, sandwich, quilt, and bind (not sure if this one will be finished in first quarter and is my challenge project)

8.  Black and White Race Quilt - still cutting strips

9.  HST Swap - Still exchanging HST at guild meeting (on one hand I consider this a UFO as I've started it in October and always forget till the am of the meetings that I need to make 36 HST, on the other hand, I consider this a WIP as I can't finish the project until the swap is finished.  Most likely won't be finished in the first quarter)

10.  Tops'N'Tails swap - fabric cut, still exchanging, need to pick zinger color, and start assembling strips (again, not sure will be finished in first quarter)  BTW - this makes 2 quilt tops

11. Circle Dance Quilt - Blocks finished, need to be arranged, assembled, and so on.  I took a class and have had the blocks finished for 1 1/2 years.  Arranging blocks is holding me up.
12.  Mystery Quilt - Needs to be quilted and binding.  The class was finished June 2010.  I think its been sandwiched since May 2011.  Not sure how I'm gonna to quilt and its not for anyone specific, so its been no rush.  Would really like to finish it this year.
13. Christmas Blocks - Made this for a swap that I wasn't able to join, so now I have 12 blocks.  Didn't know what to do with them.  Some gals from my Binding Bunny Group gave me some great ideas last week.  So now I have a plan for them.  I also need to do these quickly in case I need to buy more fabric.
14.  Agatha Christie Mystery Quilt - 3/4 cut.  The Mystery Quilt started in August.  I have started the pre-Step 1 out of 14.  A long way to go.

15.  December Block Lottery for Guild - this was supposed to be finished for the December Guild Meeting but was behind because of Christmas projects.  Need to have this finished for January Meeting.

16.  November Block Lottery - Sorry I don't have a picture of this one.  I just remembered I need to do November's too.  I will have to go through my mess to find it.  It too will need to be finished for January Guild Meeting.  Because I was behind on two months, I didn't take the January block , even though I loved the pattern and fabric.

17.  Postage Stamp Quilt - Not sure if this is considered an UFO too.  Joined a swap and haven't opened the packages to assemble.  I have just assembled my fabrics.  I want this to be a true postage stamp quilt - meaning there are no 2 fabrics that are the same.  So I'm not sure if I have enough stamps.

18.  Reverse Applique Wall Hanging - Took a class at my guild and haven't touched it since the class.  I'm not in love with the fabrics, so this is gonna be a hard one for me to finish.  Maybe I should work on this one soon.

19.  Patchability Hanging - Needs hanging sleeve and has needed sleeve for over a year.  You'd think that this would be easy, but have never made a sleeve before.  Learned how to add a sleeve after I finished the binding. Of Course.  LOL
So here is my list.  WOW!  I didn't think there were that many.  And I know, I still have some more hidden in my stash.  This FAL is great.  Its making me more conscience of my stash.
Happy Quilting!


  1. Here's the GREAT are not penalized for the projects you don't get done. But you get credit toward prizes for all the projects you do get done. FUN right!!! No pressure. Just pick one project and work on it till its done. If you need help with that sleeve let me know...that one can be done in an evening. I would be glad to help. I am so glad you are playing with us. I am your newest follower!!!

  2. wow! Which one will you start on first? They are all lovely