Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Another UFO finished - December Block Lottery

Good Evening

Just a warning, this post is jumpy.

Again, I'm sitting on the couch with my little girl laying beside me not sleeping, trying to catch up on past pod casts from Pam on Hip to be Square. And I'm trying out listening at double speed. Its okay, do prefer normal speed, but would love to catch up to current times. LOL

We have no idea how to get little girl to sleep in her own bed and for the whole night. She is like me and when not feeling right, sleep is the first to go. She's been in our bed at some point if not the whole night since before Christmas. She's two months shy of turning 3. Loving the terrible two's - NOT. :)

So to my quilting, I finished the December Block Lottery that was due last month.  I was able to complete in Monday evening.  I need to bring it to my guild meeting tomorrow.
At the November meeting, we were given the pattern and the Beige with Red Poinsettias and had to add the rest of the fabrics from our own stash.  BTW, this is a voluntary lottery.  You are supposed to make the block and bring it to the next meeting.  Then all the blocks are put on display.  Everyone who completed a block, gets to put their name in for a draw.  The winner of the draw gets all the blocks.  Its a great way to use up your stash and if your lucky, get a quilt or two out of it.  There are anywhere from 25 - 35 blocks completed every month.

Last night I found the pattern and fabric for the November Block Lottery.  I didn't get a chance to spend anymore time on it as little girl was needing me again.

I tried to get to it tonight and would have finished it if I wouldn't have remembered about Sandy's interview with Jaye.  Where she talked about Quilt of the Year.  If I'm remembering correctly, at the beginning of the year, she decides on a shape - ex: triangle.  Through out the year, she will cut out that shape from the fabrics she is using.  Then in the last part of the year, she puts all the pieces together to make a quilt.  Its a great memory quilt of the past year.  I loved the idea and thought I hope I remember to do that for next year.  Yea, I did.  Just a few days into the New Year, so all is good.

I had to decide on a shape that I wanted to make for 2012.  I'm already in a HST swap for this year with my guild, so I didn't want to do triangles.  I didn't really think of strips.  What I kept going back to - its gonna be from my scraps, so the sizes couldn't be that big.  So I finally decided on a kind of pattern instead.  Or idea of pattern.  I choose to cut:
      5" blocks, max of 1
      2 3/4" blocks, max of 2  and
      2 3/4 X 5" bricks, max of 1
I'm not sure or can't believe that I will be able to make a quilt, just using current year's scraps.  I'm scared, no, that's not the right word, unsure??  that I don't complete or start enough quilts to be able to have enough to finish.  While typing, I decided, if its turns out to be Quilt of 2 Years or 3 Years, that's okay.  The thing that pulls me the most to make this kind of quilt - All the Memories.   And as someone else said, the quilt has double the love from being handled the first time to have pieces cut and the being handled and quilted into the second quilt.

I was going to work on the binding for my little girl's quilt while I was sitting with her, but this post is taking me a while to write.  I keep getting distracted when I'm looking for the links.  LOL  Its 12:30 in the am, I think I should head to bed.

Good night All.

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