Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Second Project Finished In the Dark

I was hoping to work on the Christmas Blocks today but that didn't work out. When I finally got up the energy and motivation to go downstairs, my little girl woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep without me. The reason that I wanted to work on those blocks is I bought the material in Mundare at the Chicken Coop about 45 minutes away. I'm going to Vegreville tomorrow which is just past Mundare. I was thinking that if I needed more material to finish the blocks, I could stop at the store on my way home. I don't think I need more material but until I actually put them together, I can't be sure.

The motivation to quilt daily is still quite strong. This is good. :) I grabbed one of the mug rugs that I started sewing the binding on. I figured I could put little girl on the couch beside me while listening to a quilting podcast. Good thought in theory, but I had to turn off the light. My Hug Light saved me. I put it around my neck, turned on OffKilter Quilter, turned off the light, and sewed away. I'm finished.

Here is a picture of my finished Mug Rug, my Hug Light and girlie sleeping.

Have a great evening.

Vicky K

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  1. Awe...I love a sleepy matter how old they are. They are so sweet & innocent when they are sleeping. It is great to see you ticking things off the list. Great job!