Thursday, 4 October 2012

Did I buy it?

Good Evening All

I wanted to post this earlier but it took me a few hours to find my camera.  My house is in disarray and its driving me crazy.  I dumped out all my kids toys on the floor downstairs today.  Now I get to clean it up, mostly by tossing.  I left it on the floor so my hubby could see the massive amount of toys we have.  When I pick something to give to away, hubby usually has an excuse to keep it.  He told me we need to get rid of a lot.  Yay!

I debated if I should show a picture of the mountain - here it is:

 Wish me luck.

On my way to the retreat, I stopped by the service store closing out.  I test drove the Featherweight with triangle pieces I brought from home.  After figuring out the machine, it worked great.  So I bought it!  Here is my new baby:

The lady said the machine was made in 1946.  And all the pieces are original.  I hope to have this one for a long time.

I didn't get to do anything quilty today.  Our sewer is backing up again and the main stack is in my sewing room.  The room is a mess.  Hubby's been working 12 hour days, so he's only been able to work a little at a time.  He thinks he's finally gotten it clear tonight.  But he won't get rid of his tools till tomorrow.

Hope you are getting some quilty time.
Vicky K

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