Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Left early

Good evening all
Hope you've had a creative day, even if only in your mind.

I'm trying something new with my blog - adding categories.  What do you think?

What's Happening Now

I'm laid up on the couch right now.  I had a doctor's appointment today that left me crampy and lightheaded.  Should be as good as new tomorrow. (hoping)

What I did Today

I got to play around today in my quilt room on some blocks I'm trying to come up with for a competition that's due later this month.  Need quite a few more hours for play and will try to do some more tomorrow. As I'm typing this, I also got a new idea for the quilt.

Story of the Day

I wasn't able to stay at the retreat for the full 4 days.  I ended up leaving around 3:00 on Saturday afternoon.  I looked like this on Saturday during the day:

 And this is what I looked like in the evening:

We were invited to Hollywood Glam 1930's Wedding.  It was held in a historic house in Edmonton.  The wedding was great fun.  Small and intimate.  There was a scavenger hunt, The Newlywed Game, and Blackjack.  My SIL's brother was the one getting married.

They got engaged in July and the wedding as last week, a very short engagement.  And of course, I thought - I should make them a quilt!  LOL  I had a quilt in pieces from a challenge at my guild that I didn't finish in time and another quilt ready to be quilted which I didn't have a plans for.  When my SIL was over, I asked her which one she thought would suit the couple.  She picked the one in pieces.  I also considered ordering 1930 reproduction fabrics but SIL talked me out of it.

This quilt was very hard to stick with.  I felt like I was ripping more than sewing.  If it wasn't for it being a wedding gift, I don't think I would have ever finished it.  The quilt pattern calls for appliqued flowers in the centre of the blocks.  About 3 weeks before the wedding, I got the idea of signature blocks from the guests for the centre.  Both sisters' of the couple thought it was a great idea.  Which also meant - I didn't have to have the quilt finished - just the top ;) LOL

Here is the finished top (picture was taken at 2:30 AM Saturday)

I have signature circles from every guest or couple that was at the wedding.  The wedding couple loved the quilt and the idea.  I also informed them that the quilt would be finished for Christmas.  Now to start thinking of how I'm going to quilt it hmmmmm????

Have a great day!

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