Thursday, 11 October 2012

Guild Night

Good Evening All

I had a very unproductive creative day today.  I had my guild meeting this evening, which I usually take some hand work to do at the meeting.  I was able to cut out 2 more Hexie - Block of the Week.  During the meeting, I was only able to piece together 1/3 of one block.  That's ok, its a work in progress and no rush.

The guest speaker was Joanne Middleton from Patchwork Shoolhouse.  Her quilts were beautiful.  I really liked the "Me & D'arcy Mcgee" pattern.  I was also hemming and hawing about the whole video collection.  Two of my friends ended up buying a few videos themselves, which made me lean more towards purchasing all the videos.

I call myself an experienced beginner.  I still feel like a beginner quilter but know how to fudge my way out of issues.  The "Precision Piecing" video was really calling my name.  I ended up buying the whole video collection as everyone was leaving.  Sorry Joanne.  She had over 4 hours to get home. 

It came in a metal case, 7 videos, a pattern, and a pin.  I was also to pick the Mcgee pattern :)

I was so excited about the videos, I watched the first one already.  Basic Training.  The video is good and the showcased pattern is nice.  I think the video was a quick overview of quilting, hoping the precision piecing goes more into detail.  So far so good on my investment.

Have you heard of Patchwork Schoolhouse?  You should check it out.  The patterns are very reasonable and are beautiful.

Hope you've a great day!
Vicky K

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