Thursday, 14 February 2013

Going on a Trip in 82 days!!

Good Evening all

Today I took my kids and my niece and nephew to Boston Pizza for heart shaped pizzas for lunch.  And then we came home and played in our backyard.  I think they had good time.  I know I enjoyed spending time with them.

This evening I'm off to my guild meeting - no special time with hubby.  Hmmm, what's more important - hubby and kids or spending time with quilting friends, hmmm.   LOL

My hubby and I aren't big Valentine celebrators.  So its not really a big deal that I won't be home.  My hubby didn't even want to buy the kiddies anything for Valentine's but I ran out last night and bought them some chocolate and a movie each.

I mentioned yesterday that I bought the Quilters' Travel Companion.  I'm really excited!!  A friend and I are going to go to Salt Lake City in May for the Home Machine Quilting Show.  I can't wait.  We are most likely going to drive down from Alberta through Montana, Idaho and then Utah.  Its about 19 hours straight driving.  We are thinking of spending the night near Kalispell and then driving the rest of the way the next day.  Of course, since we are going to be in the States and the prices are so much better we want to do lot of shopping ;)  Please let me know if you have any suggestions for quilting stores or restaurants that we should stop at.

The reason that I'm going to the HMQS is I'm testing out longarm machines.  My Mom passed away more than 2 years ago and I'm finally getting ready to do a major distribution of her estate.  Its been 2 years of hell, please excuse the language.  And I thought as a reward and gift to myself, I'm gonna treat myself to a longarm.  I looking at getting all the bells and whistles that I need (want lol) and right away.  If I don't spend the money on myself it will just be eaten up with the rest of my family's income and then when I'm ready for it with regards to time and space, I won't have the cash available.  And this is not something that my hubby would agree to do on credit.  So here we go :) :) :).

And please pass on any opinions or information on Longarms.  I'm looking really close to APQS and Gammill and then HQ's.  The closest dealers are APQS and HQ's.

Gotta go get ready for the meeting.

Happy Valentine's Day XO XO
Vicky K


  1. That is so exciting! your own long arm! Only thing I have to say, don't buy one of those wooden frame systems that smaller places offer and that you use a regular sewing machine with-one of those companies recently closed up and there is no support or recourse for problems, stick with the recognized names. PS If you need someone to help spread the word once you are up and running, I will be happy to promote you on my blog!

  2. Wow. Good luck with the shopping. I want a long arm too amd will be looking at a lot of them at the end of the month at the show in NJ. I have HQ and Innova locally and from what I've read, the Innovas are really loved by those that have them. You rarely find a used one for sale and then typically only because the owner is getting a bigger one. I'll be very interested to read what you choose.