Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Happy Mail!

Good Morning All
My little guy woke us up in the middle of the night with croup.  The poor little guy :(.  I know what it sounds like and what to do as I ended up taking him to hospital last year for the same thing.  My hubby thought he was faking it.  So I've kept my kids home from school today.  So far its been a relaxed morning.  Hope to keep the day relaxed.

We have some guys coming to take a look at our bathroom and kitchen sink today (which just reminded me, I should have sink clear of dishes for them).  My Esthetics room where I had my Quilting room previously has a lot of water damage on the ceiling.  So before I set up completely I'm having it checked out to see where the damage is coming from.  My theory is the hubby and kiddies splashing water on the floor and not wiping it up.  Hoping not the pipes.  Hubby redid the bathroom himself about 7 years ago.

On Feb 5, 2013 I joined in at Talking Tuesdays.  The sponsor was the wonderful Sondra from Contemporary Cloth Store.  I won the Giveaway!  Yea for me.  I rarely win so I really appreciate when I do.  Placing the order was easy to do and when I had a question for Sondra, she replied very quickly.  So go check out her store before March 1 as she is having a sale on precuts and konas.

Here is my package.  Of course I had to order as much as I thought would fit into the envelope especially as the postal rates for Canadian packages just increased. 

My goodies peaking out!

My fabrics!  Love stash builders.


Hope everyone has a Quilty Day!
Vicky K 

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  1. Hope the kidlet is feeling bette and congrats on the win. Free fabric is always awesome to get.