Thursday, 28 February 2013

New room again - Before Pictures

Good Morning All

Today I'm taking my kids to a babysitter so that I can do some errands for my Mom's Estate.  Its gonna a be a day of great accomplishment :) positive affirmations, right.  LOL

I've been trying to do the bookkeeping for a while but I've been getting distracted with moving my sewing room and setting up my esthetics.  And what started the mess of cleaning and organizing - Our trip to Cuba.  I wanted to have gel nails for our trip and because I know how to do nails, it really hurts to pay to have someone else do them.  Well I haven't done a set for 4 years and knew my first ones wouldn't be the prettiest or the fastest but I still had to try.  My niece came over one evening so that I could practice on her.  It took me a very looooong time.  They didn't look bad but I didn't have the time to do mine so I decided to get my nails done by someone else for the trip.  But I had all my stuff for nails in the living room, kids play area downstairs.  And I had to put it away for the kids to play.  So knowing that I would have my nails and my nieces nails to work on, I decided to take my sewing stuff out of the room DH built for my esthetics and set up my esthetics.  In the last 4 years, my esthetics have been stored in the spare room and in my daughter's closet.  Well my quilting room is now in the spare room.  Its a small space and was crammed with esthetics.  So it was a jumble of sorts to get the two rooms switched.  I thought I would show some before pictures of my sewing space.

This is from the doorway looking left. 

This is looking straight in from doorway.

This is looking in from doorway between above pictures.
 The boxes on the bed are stamp sets that don't fit in my Stampin' Up cabinets.
The garbage bag in back left corner is the bedding that goes on this bed.

 Here is the top portion of my closet.

Here is the lower section of the closet.

Behind wall in closet 

Pile of quilting things to put away 

Looking at left corner from closet

Vanity hidden under all junk. 

  I've been working at getting this room organized and useable. I'm almost there.  I need to move my design wall and set up a cuttin/ironing table.  My oversize ironing table I used previously is too big for the room.  My design wall will go against the closet wall behind door.  It sure is coming along but for the cost of my paperwork suffering.

Now off to do errands.
Hope you have a Quilty Day!
Vicky K

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